Monday, May 9, 2011

We Are Warriors!!

We participated in the warrior Dash a couple of weeks ago.  It was a blast!  We went with our good friends the Gunnells.  Heather was almost 5 months pregnant!  She's a warrior for sure! The Warrior Dash is 3.5 miles and 12 crazy obstacles.  Some of the obstacles were giant hay bales, climbing a cargo giant net, dirt hills, running through tires, going over old cars, rappelling, climbing wall, jumping through flames and crawling through mud under barbed wire!  Yes 3.5 miles is just over a 5K, yes the obstacles were intense, YES we are AWESOME!!!

Here are just a couple of the obstacles
 Cargo Net
 Hay Bales

There were lots of people there in costumes.  We only got pics of a few of them.  There were also Oompa Loompas.  We even heard there was a guy who ran the whole thing in a thong!  Crazy!

 Our Team

Us in our Warrior Hats and our medals.  Heather is 5 mo. pregnant, can you believe that?  She looks amazing!  The race was not as hard as I thought it would be!  It was MUCH easier to do 3.5 miles and 12 obstacles that it is to do 3.5 miles, of the same mile over and over in my neighborhood!  We went slow and steady, took our time, didn't over do it and had fun!  Our heat was the 9 AM heat and we got lapped by some people from the 9:30 heat.  There were some quick people there!  I said they are athletes, we are warriors!  My knee was pretty sore after ward, I kind of have a bum knee.  Brent's legs were pretty beat up by time we were through.  But we did it!  I think we'll do it again next year it was so much fun, only in costumes!

to check out the warrior dash go here or here

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AZ Larsens said...

That is awesome! It kinda makes me want to do it. Except I hate to get dirty...still though, I think I might have fun!