Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Allergy Update

We've been on the elimination diet for about a month now. (Wow it's been a long time since I posted). It is going well. I've seen an improvement in Maizy's temperament,  she's not as fussy and cholicy as she was. I haven't noticed an improvement in her stools, they are still mucusy. That was the most. visible way for me to know she was having issues. The nurse at the GI specialist said that she can still have mucusy stools and be healing. So I'm hoping it's working. Yet part of me is hoping it doesn't work. Then I can honesty say I tried everything I can and it still didn't work time to move on to formula. It would be so much easier. We both might be able to finally heal from thrush. (Yes a month later and we both still have it.) We could eat real food again. Go out to eat somewhere other than Chipoltle (not that I don't love me some Chipoltle). But then when I think that I feel guilty. Breast feeding is best and I should want to do what's best for my child. I try not to feel bad because I am doing what's best and that's all I can do. And really there is nothing wrong with wanting things to he easier.

I told Brent the other day if anyone had an aptitude for this diet it was me. I love fresh fruits and vegetables. I love to try new recipes. I already shopped at health food store. I was already familiar with grains other than wheat. Coming up with things to eat is not that hard. What is hard is that with all the restrictions we can't eat anything processed. Everything has to be cooked fresh. On busy stressful days there are no dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, nuts, seafood free food I can pull out of the freezer and have for an easy meal. Most days that is fine. But some days I just long for something easy.  On days when Croix has preschool and we don't get home until a little after 12, and Maizy needs to eat when we get home, and then I have to feed Croix I find myself not being able to get lunch for myself until 1:30.  By then I'm famished! And I would kill for a slice of pizza right about now. The other day I was thinking about what the first thing I would eat after I wean Maizy would be. My mouth was literally watering and my tummy rumbling as I dreamed of things I can't eat.

Good thing I know this won't last forever.

I'm just going to throw it in the post that I'm tired of thrush.  I hurts.  Not all the time and not horribly but it hurts.  And I'm sure Maizy hurts too.  She fusses at the breast often.  She'll latch on and come off over and over just crying and fussing.  I'm sure because her mouth hurts.  Thrush sucks!


Artsy Aut said...

Hope things get better for both of you. Have you thought about doing some formula and some breastfeeding? I have been doing some of both this time around and its been great for Hazel and me. I wasnt producing enough milk for her hungry tummy so we supplement with formula. I couldnt have my baby go hungry! Good luck! You are doing great!

The Kleyn Family said...

This makes me wish I could help you--take it all from you in some way....all I can say is I'm sorry. You are a super hero for sticking with it and I am in awe-- what unconditional love you have for your sweet baby (to tell ya the truth, I'm almost 100% sure I would have thrown in the towel LONG ago!). I really hope things get better!!! :-)

Kendra said...

You are amazing for sticking to such a strict diet. I don't know if I could do it! Although you're right, for the health of a little baby, it's probably a little more doable. I have to agree with you - thrush sucks big time! I hate it! I got it quite a few times with one and once or twice with another. Not something I'd wish on my worst enemy!

Elizabeth Farnsworth said...

So sorry! You are amazing for sticking with it!!! Maizy is lucky to have you!