Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little Helper

Croix found my kitchen gloves that because of my advancing age I have to wear while washing dishes in order to avoid my hands getting so dry they crack.  He thought they were awesome!  he put them on and then wanted to help me unload the dishwasher, with the dirty gloves on.  But encouraging the helpfulness I ignored the dirty gloves on clean dishes and had him hand me cups, that way he only touched the outside and bottom.


He's such a sweet boy!


I've decided it's time to do a chore chart.  I'm going to put things on there we need to work on, like eat your food with good manners.  And some things he's already good at so that it feels good, like be a good helper with Maizy.  And some actual chores like pick up your toys every night before bed and help put away the dishes.  We'll do that and continue with our pom pom reward system.  Hopefully it will work out great!

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