Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Feelin' The Love

Yesterday while driving to Grandma's house Croix said, "Mommy, Daddy you hold each others hands" I said "OK Croix I love to hold Daddy's hand." Then he said "Now I hold Maizy's hand." He reached over and was holding onto her car seat cover. It was the sweetest thing. I love him so much! I love that he is so sweet and affectionate.  He just melts my heart!

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Rayla said...

Thanks for responding to my hypnobabies question! I've loved browsing through your blog! Your family seems so fun and sweet! I have been so worried I would be disappointed as my little baby grew into a little boy, but now I am so looking forward to all the fun and silliness! I am also looking forward to seeing my little guy as a big brother. Thanks again for sharing, I'm sure I'll peek in from time to time! =)