Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Say What Vol. 1

I've decided Croix says funny things all the time that I'd love to reread in 30 years.  But most of them are not significant enough to justify an entire post for one sentence.  So every month I'll do a "Say What" post.  I'll just add the funny things he says, as he says them and post it at the end of the month.

I left Croix alone (always a risky move) in the bathroom to do his business. I go back in to check on him and my bathroom floor is lined with panty liners. He says "Look what I did Mommy! Choo Choo tracks!" The joys of a 3 year old.

 There was really loud thunder and Croix says "ooh scary funder (thunder)" just as calm as can be. He's not phased by it at all!

Croix and Seth were playing red-light green-light and Croix shouts out "BLUE LIGHT!" haha (:

 I told Croix he needed to go the bathroom and wash up after breakfast. He says "I can eat it off" and starts licking himself. Male mentality for ya.

 Ha! Croix says "my road broke Mommy can you fix it?" I say "I don't know buddy" then he sings "Bob the builder can Mommy fix it? Yes you can!" Hahaha!

He called stake sauce snake sauce. And asked to have snake again, meaning stake.

He says, When I'm a grown up I'll.....all the time.  Usually it's something we just told him he can't do that ends that sentence.

"Maizy is little.  What month was I little?"

At the swap meet walking past the concession stand.  Croix: "Let's eat here."  Brent: "no."   Croix: "But there's plenty of seating."

Sitting with Brent, "excuse me I'm going to go play with my cars now."

Croix struggles sometimes to get dressed by himself.  He finds every excuse not to get dressed.  The other day he was refusing to put on his underwear.  After about an hour I said, "if you don't put on your underwear, I'm going to spank your bare bottom!"  To that he tearfully said, "but I'm not a bear!"

 Me: Croix! Don't throw your food!
Croix: Mommy it's just peanut butter.
Well then by all means please throw it all over the house my dear boy! Throw away!

Whenever I play pat a cake with Maizy I say  "Pat a cake, pat a cake bakers man.  Bake me a cake as fast as you can.  Roll it and roll it and mark it with an M and toss it in the oven for Maizy and Mom" Then Croix says "......and Croix"

Brent's sister Heather got married on a Saturday.  We were over at Brent's Mom's on Sunday and Heather and Lucas were there.  Croix saw the back yard was all cleaned up from the reception (which was at Brent's Mom's) and says "Heather it's not your birthday party any more."

 Croix was over by Maizy laughing away. I looked and he looked fine so I figured she was making funny faces. Then he comes over and says mommy I give Maizy sprinkles. He had taken his letter C that he made in preschool that was covered in sprinkles and gotten a ton of sparkles from it on her face! Poor baby.

 Croix was coming down the stairs and the light was off. I heard him hurry it up and when he got to me he says "Mommy I was frightened "  ha! I love his growing vocabulary!

Brent and Croix were driving in the car.  Croix started spitting.  Brent told him to stop and asked him if he wanted to play a game.  Croix says ummmmm, yes!  The snow storm game. Brent says ok how do you play the snow storm game.  Croix starts spitting again.

I put an ice cube in Croix's mac and cheese to help it cool down.  As I'm stirring it is disappearing.  Croix asked, "Mommy are you making magic?"

 We were at Brent's Mom's and Croix says "Grandma I need a chuck up bowl"  We quickly grabbed a bowl and he threw up in it.

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Crystal-lynn said...

Love it! Some are so sweet, some I had already heard from you, but I'll tell you what, the "Sniw Storm Game" cracked me up!! Love that sweet boy! We miss you guys!