Saturday, October 13, 2012



My brother Trenton moved down here.  While he was trying to find childcare I became the child care.  It wasn't so bad the first couple days.  Croix and Seth play great together so they just entertained each other and I was able to get some things done.

 I taught Seth to spell and write his name, he was pretty stoked about it!

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We had ants on a log

They both loved them
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They both loved them.

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They played endless hours of  cops and bad guys, trains and cars, and every other boy thing you can imagine.

But after two weeks I was dying.  Maizy was waking up every 3 hours to nurse at night still.  And I could never sleep in or get a nap.  They started to act more like siblings (squabbling all the time) then cousins that are excited to see each other.  Having Seth here meant I got no breaks, ever.  Not during nap time, not during preschool, never.  Seth for some reason also felt he always needed to know where I was.  If I went upstairs to have maybe five minutes of peace, or put Maizy down for a nap, or take care of something , he'd be following behind trying to see where I was.  He and Croix could be playing and I'd head to the bathroom only to hear him say "Let's find Terina".  I found myself one day thinking "CAN I NOT JUST POOP IN PEACE!!!!!".  I also don't really have room for three car seats in the back of my Altima.  I managed to squeeze them in there but really it doesn't work.  To say the least it was making my already stressful life even more stressful.  I love Trenton and I love Seth but I was very happy to hear that Trenton had found other child care.  It made having just two kids again seem a lot more manageable.  Good thing too because right after that is when Maizy got really bad again.

I still help out and watch Seth one day a week.  He also comes over on Sunday and goes to church with us.  If Trenton is working on Sunday it's a full day, if not it's just for church.  One day is perfect!  I do love seeing Croix have so much fun with his cousin!

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