Monday, December 6, 2010

Cake Suckers

We saw some chef make cake suckers on the news the other day.  Actually it was like a week ago.  Then I had a hard time sleeping.  I kept waking up all night.  When I would wake up I’d think of cake suckers.  It was so weird and random since I didn’t think they even sounded all that wonderful to begin with.  I told Brent about how I kept waking up all night and when I would wake up I’d think about cake suckers.  I had a rehearsal for a musical number I’m participating in early that morning.  When I got home Brent had a cake already made.  So we made cake suckers.

Croix LOVES them.  He even figured out how to push the step stool over to the counter to get to them

He was trying to put the stick into the little pieces of cake on his hand!

He got a nice hand towel on his lap in anticipation of the big crumbly mess it was.

Croix thought it was hilarious to touch sticks!  This was me taking a picture you can see the big grin on his face.

I love how he finds such silliness hysterical!

They are very easy to make
Bake a cake as directed.
Mix cake with one container of frosting.
Roll into balls.
Chill in freezer about an hour.
Melt chocolate.
Dip sucker stick in chocolate.
Stab ball with stick.
Dip ball in chocolate.
Stick in Styrofoam to cool.

PS they were not my favorite, but I’m not a huge cake fan either.

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Kendra said...

Those look pretty good. I saw this recipe and am going to try it for a party we're having. Hopefully they taste pretty good. Maybe the cream cheese frosting (or even the red velvet cake) would taste better. I don't know. I had the cake pops one time and I really liked them so maybe it just depends on how well you like cake.
Thanks for all the updates.