Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Morning

Santa came early to our house because we went up to Prescott Christmas Eve to spend time with my family.  So we had Christmas morning here before we left.  We had so much fun with Croix.  His first Christmas where he had any clue what was going on.

He got a tricycle that really is still too big for him, but he'll be able to use it before his birthday.  I got it at a garage sale and I don't think we can leave it in the garage until his birthday anyway!

So serious playing with his new toy!
 This Tigger does cartwheels and dances....he loves it!
He thought the stocking was for chewing on.
Some fun whistles

He also got this awesome chair from Grandma and Papa
He got this awesome firetruck from Grandma.  It even has a real water tank that he can squirt water with.  I don't think we'll show him that until summer time :D           
 All These fun new toys and what did he go play with, the box of course!

Christmas morning with a toddler was such a blast!  It was so fun to experience Christmas with Croix.  He would open one gift and just love it so much he didn't even care about the other gifts.  It's also been so fun to watch him play with his new toys.  A big thank you to all Grandparents, he likes their gifts the best!

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