Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Seeing the World

I love that having a toddler helps me to see the world in all sorts of angels.
(please don't notice my dirty floors, fridge, and counters!!!)

 And see things in a different way

 Like baking pans as toys

 Drawers as sitting places
 Just for fun, the "dismount"

 Notice from here
 to here, we go from a smile to a frown

 Just in case you were wondering how cute his pajamas are...

Pretty darn cute!

Boxes as toys.

Yesterday I was at a friends house and after we had been there for an hour, Croix pointed to the ceiling, which had ornaments hanging from it.  I had not noticed at all!  At the grocery store he points out the design in the floor.  He shows me artwork on walls.  I love how my child opens my eyes to the world around me.

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