Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Smith Family Christmas Party

We had fun at the annual Smith Family Christmas party.  Despite being sick we cleaned ourselves up and went to the party.  We enjoyed delicious food prepared by Grandma.  A visit from Santa.  And visiting with family.
 Croix had a good time getting out of the house and exploring a new church building.
 Croix and Mommy, waiting for Santa.
 The kids sang and sang and sang.....they sang with so much cheer Santa came!
 He came with a bag of toys for all the girls and boys!
 Croix finally got his turn.
 And freaked out and cried!  He dove for Daddy.
 Who thankfully was right there.
Safe in Daddy's arms he thought his gift (some books) was pretty cool.

Due to being sick we called it a short night and headed home as soon as Croix "got" to sit on Santa's lap. It was worth it to have fun with family.

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