Monday, December 6, 2010

Play Dates

Play dates help us survive the day.  They are even more essential on days when Brent has class in the evenings.  Croix gets so bored of his house, me, his toys, everything!  We both love play dates (if you live by us, please come over for a play date!!).

 Miss Ellie decided half of Croix's shape ball was actually a helmet!  Who knew?!?

 Mister Hudson and Croix had a blast at the park
 Isn't he adorable!

 Cade and Jacob are Croix's favorite buddies (only because we have play dates with them most often)  It really is so cute to see how much he love these two little boys!
 Cade was sitting on the floor and Croix just went and sat on top of him.
 Croix thinks he so cool sitting with the big boys!
 Even though Jacob wasn't feeling well he was still so tollerant of Croix's toddler love!
 We got to have a play date with a second cousin, Adele who lives in Idaho, who is staying with her Grandma and Grandpa for a while!
 Her and Croix thought it was great fun to sit and bang their heads against the door.
 She's a sweet heart for sure!

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Heather said...

We would be your buddies too if only we didn't live an hour away. Still, we need to have a play date soon...

Gosh Hudson is so big and the kids in the ward have changed!