Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Temple Lights

We went to see the Christmas lights at the Mesa Temple.  Croix LOVED it!  He just wondered all over pointing at all the lights.  
Daddy and Croix looking at the Christus.

He's getting so big!
He especially liked the lights that looked like flowers!
Thank you good Elder for the traditional family photo at the Temple lights.

I could not get him to stand still for two minutes for a picture, or look at the camera!
Croix did a lot of this.
I got to enjoy this view a lot!

One of my favorite displays.

On the way home we stopped at Bosa's Donuts to get a treat for the drive home.  We got a glazed donut for Croix.
He got his grub on!!
The flash was a little bright for him but he had half a donut in each hand! 
He ate the entire thing!  He was a giant sticky gooey mess!  The picture doesn't begin to do justice.  I think we may have found a new family tradition!

PS.  I was thrilled to figure out camera settings to get good night pictures that were not completely washed out by the flash!!!


Heather said...

Good job on your camera settings! They look great. Croix is getting so big and is such a little doll, so cute. And your hair is so stinking long! Pretty girl, I miss ya!

Amber Waters said...

I love looking at your blog and seeing all the familiar clothes and brings back memories. What a cute little boy!