Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brilliant All Around

I lost my wallet a while ago.  For some reason I just knew it was in my house.  I was convinced Croix had just pulled it out of my diaper bag and thrown it somewhere.  I also knew I hadn't lost it where someone could find it because it hadn't been returned, and my cards did not have any charges on them.  I resisted calling and getting new cards for a month.  Finally I broke down.  I ordered a new drivers license, called the bank, canceled and ordered new debit and credit cards.  I said to the lady at the bank, yeah I bet I'll find my wallet tomorrow.

The next day I was cleaning my closet and went to put my temple bag (maybe someone is trying to tell me something) up and what was in the pocket but by wallet!  I literally yelled; I KNEW IT!!  I knew the very next day I would find it!

A few days later I went to go grocery shopping.  As I drove past the mail box I thought I wonder if my cards are hear yet?  I get to the store.  After getting a week’s worth of groceries I take my loaded cart to the check out.  After she's finished ringing me up I swipe my card.  She asked me to swipe it again, it didn't go through.  My heart sunk.  "Oh crap" I say!  "Oh it didn't say it was denied, just that it didn't go through, why don’t you run in again" she kindly said.  But I knew, I knew I'd canceled my card a few days earlier and swiping it again would do no good.  I felt the heat in my face as it flushed with embarrassment.  I thought of all my dairy and refrigerated foods and realized I didn't have time to explain everything so I simply said "my card is not going to work, can I leave my groceries here while I go get another one?"  She asked if I was coming back and I vehemently assured her that I was!  Extremely embarrassed I ran out to my car drove back home, grateful that we live less then3 miles away.  I called Brent so he could meet me outside with his card.  As I once again passed the mailbox I wondered how in the world I could have driven by them, thought...I wonder if my cards are here yet? and not put together the fact that if I am waiting for new cards, the old canceled ones in my wallet WONT WORK!!!  Thankfully when I got back to the store all they had to do was scan a barcode on a receipt taped to my cart, rather then rescanning the entire cart of groceries.

A few days later my new debit card came in the mail.  Only there was just a full size card.  I had also ordered a mini key chain one as well.  I use my mini ALL THE TIME!  Way more often than my full size one.  I love being able to just grab my keys and go.  I wondered why it wasn't with the full size one since in the past they have always come together.  I called the bank to find out why.  What I found out is they no longer offer the mini cards.  I was devastated!

All this because my wallet was sitting in my temple bag for a month.  Moral, go to the temple more.  Clean my closet more often.  Remember to empty out my temple bag when I get home.  Honest, no exaggeration every time I go to the temple I find some “lost” item that I've been looking for for at least a month, usually months.  The whole thing is really just frustrating.  On the bright side, I was right, my wallet was just in my house and I still have my favorite wallet.

Now I have to go clean my house for visiting teacher and a presidency meeting tomorrow.


Erin L said...

Right before my daughter was born I went to the Temple to do baptisms for the dead. A few months later when she was old enough to leave for a couple hours, I opened my temple bag to go to the Temple and what did I find but a moldy pair of garments. Gross.

Life is ironic, though, isn't it. Now I'm feeling like I really need to go to the Temple.

Just US said...

So glad you found your wallet and that it was safely in your house the entire time! My temple bag loves to eat things too. It is always interesting the things I find in there the next time I go. :)