Monday, December 6, 2010

Shopping Cart

The other day Croix and I ran to the grocery store for some milk. Since that’s all we were running in for I didn’t bother with a cart, just let Croix walk. He of course loved this! While I was pulling milk out of the freezer Croix went and found some old lady’s cart and started pushing it. She kindly thanked him for helping her. It was pretty cute. On our next grocery shopping trip Croix was in the cart and while I was working the self check out he was trying to get out of the cart. Rather than have him do a nose dive out I pulled him out. While I was scanning something he grabbed the cart and started walking away with it, pushing it from behind back toward the walk way behind the checkouts. I ran and grabbed him and pulled the cart back to the check out. I was just in time to save some old guy from getting run over by Croix. I apologized to the old man and he laughed and said, oh no problem, I’m just glad it wasn’t really moving by its self like I thought! HA! HA! HA! Old people are funny!
The other day we were leaving Target and he stopped to try and push this cart, so I whipped my camera out to get some pictures of him and his cart pushing self. Otherwise in 10 years I might not remember or believe that when Croix was this little he could push a cart full of Groceries!

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Heather said...

Max does the same thing! Loves to push our stroller around, I haven't let him push a cart, heck my kids don't get out of the stroller when we shop, I don't have that many hands!

I read the part about the old man to Phil and we both laughed out loud! So funny!