Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tid Bits

I realized I say delightful a lot.  How did I realize this?  Well the other day Brent made dinner, sat down to eat and Croix says "Delightful dinner Daddy".  Just in love!

Croix knows who Jack Johnson is.  He hears him on the radio and says excitedly "George"!  Jack Johnson did the sound track for Curious George, one of Croix's favorites.

Croix has hit the why stage.  Luckily for us he accepts because as an answer.  Sometimes he'll ask a question and then immediately follow by saying because. The other day Croix and I were sitting at the table and Croix told me I needed to get down.  I asked him why and he says BECAUSE!!!

The other day Croix called me a naughty boy, I said what?  I'm a naughty boy?  He looked at me and says Naughty GIRL!

We were listening to music the other day and Croix says "I like this song"  It was a Sinatra song.  The next song comes on and he says "this is a good song"  it was Michael Buble.  My little guy is developing some great taste in music!

The stupid garbage truck come early every Monday morning, usually waking up Croix.  Croix love love loves the garbage truck.  One morning it came and woke him up.  I heard him gasp and say garbage truck, I want to see the garbage truck!!!

The other day while Croix was going potty we were "arguing", he was trying to tell me the poo poos come out his penis.

Croix and I are always looking for letters, numbers, shapes, colors.  The other day he did a top notch job of finding a number.  We were eating lunch and he kept saying seven, seven!  I didn't see a seven anywhere and it took me quite a while to find it.  Croix pointed it out, a seven in the carrots on the edge of the tupperware!

Two has been so hard and trying but by far the most fun and entertaining age!  I just love it!

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