Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun Friday

The weather has been to die for here lately.  A couple of weeks ago Brent took the afternoon off and met us at the zoo.

Croix was hollering at Brent to check out the giraffes.

Checking out the tiger
Taking a little rest with Mommy, we both needed it!  (I made Brent be the "photographer" I need to be in some pictures of our family outings!)
The dragon was bump is too :)
Leaving the zoo Croix loved the yellow car as much as any animal!
Then we headed to the park over at the Tempe Town Lake for a picnic dinner.
Croix loved chasing the birds.
We saw planes.
And trains (didn't catch a picture of the train but we were so close to the track!), little boy heaven!

Walking with Daddy, making funny faces.

How I love these two!  It makes my heart melt a little to think about it!  I love simple little things like this, just spending time together, enjoying each other.  There's not much in the world I'd rather do!

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