Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a Weekend!

Friday night we went to downtown Mesa for their 2nd Friday Night Out.  They have vendors, and live music and other fun little things.  Great free family fun.  This month the MIRAZOZO was set up, so we checked it out.  It was pretty awesome!  Croix loved it.  He just ran all though it amazed.  They also had an exhibit of different "musical instruments"  They were odd, and cool.  Like a "bush" of pool noodles that made different musical notes when you touched them.  They also had a community art project where you got a bag of strips of fabric and tie them to one of the fences. (I'm sad I forgot my camera!)

Saturday we went to a baptism of one of the little boys in my primary class.  We are also friends with his family and Croix just loves him.  So we all went.  It was nice for Croix to be able to attend a baptism.  It's always wonderful to feel the spirit at a baptism!  

That afternoon we took the light rail into Tempe for the Aloha festival with Grandma. Croix loved it. Loved it all, the train, the festival, Grandma!
 Buying our tickets

 Checking everything out

 As soon as we started moving he loved it!

 He said Choo Choo!!
 Watching the world pass by
 Ukulele players, and singers

 Riding in a big boat

 Making paper Leis

 More Dancers

 Face Painting.

He wanted a Nemo fish

Checking out the fish/ducks at the lake

 Brent, Croix, Grandma
 Brent, an escaping Croix, me!!
 Sad because Mommy can't hold him (more like won't.  He and my belly are both too big to hold him as much as I used to.  He's been sad about this a lot lately)

It was a super fun weekend!  I love living in a community that has so many fun, free family events!

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