Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Growing Bump

20 Weeks

22 Weeks

I'm feeling great!  Not nauseous any more, not exhausted, I have more energy.  I had a Dr apt. yesterday and everything is going great!  In fact at my last apt. the placenta was a little low so they planned on rechecking that in a couple months.  I asked about that and he said, "actually it was 2.4(something) cm from the opening, round that up to 2.5 and even if you were full term it wouldn't be placenta previa so I don't think I agreed with last time and I think that you are fine".  Sounds awesome to me!  So nice to not have a high risk pregnancy this time!  I'm at the stage in pregnancy where it's just fun.  I get to feel baby girl move and enjoy knowing a baby is coming and making plans, but I'm past the miserable and not quite back to miserable.

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