Saturday, March 3, 2012

Little Helper

This has been Croix's name lately, my little helper. Which is great and good most of the time. Of course it's always easier and faster to do things myself. But I know he needs to learn and I might as well take advantage of his helpful spirit while he still has it. Some of his helpfulness is encouraged, some, discouraged, and some a surprise.

He's helped give Daddy a massage

Helped me do the dishes
(dang self timer focus!)
And wash a helicopter

Make sure everyone (including Woody) is fed.  He loves to help cook!  The other day we ended up with a little pepper in our sugar cookies, good thing we couldn't really tell.

Sweeping the floor with my baster

Making sure the toilet paper is protected by the best sheriff around.
He helps out with loading the dishewasher
Mater and Francesco, loaded and ready for the wash

He also helps with the laundry
Scout, Thomas, Clarabelle & Annie, Not pictured were also Francesco and Mater, they must be dirty.
He loves to close the microwave door and push start.
I love my little man and the helper he is becoming.  He's doing so well at cleaning up.  He'll take his dishes over to the sink after meal.  Never gives me a hard time about cleaning up (unless he's not done playing).  He is a sweet boy!

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