Sunday, March 25, 2012

Life's Good

My Dad and his second wife, Penny are currently going through a custody battle.  As part of this there is a court appointed mediator.  From my understanding her job is to talk to all parties involved (parents, child etc) and provide an unbiased opinion/recommendation to the courts.  She wanted to talk, not only to their child, but to ALL children.  She talked to all of Penny's kids, and myself and my siblings.  I had known she was going to call, we played phone tag for about a week and a half.  We finally connected and I shared with her memories of what it was like growing up with Dale as a father.  None of them were good memories.  (not that I really have many of those anyway).  As we were ending our call she said "Thank you for taking the time to talk to me, I know it's not easy and probably not what you wanted to do today to relive painful memories."

I went along the rest of my day, just fine, I didn't end up in a bad mood, or depressed or brought down thinking about those things.  That night I slept fine (for a long while any time I talked about/to my Dad I'd have a nightmare).  The next day I was thinking what the mediator said and was overwhelmed by what a blessing and miracle the atonement is!  It wasn't that long ago knowing a conversation like that was going to take place would have completely stressed me out.  I would have been a little mess worrying about it.  I would have had an emotional time talking about it.  It would have stuck with me and brought me down.  Today thanks to my Savior and the healing power of the atonement it really was not a big deal.  The reason it wasn't a big deal is because I've healed from the pains of my childhood.When I was talking about this with a friend she said that she thinks I do remarkable well and am very well adjusted considering everything I went through.  Not to pat myself on the back, but I agree.  Despite Because of what I went through and through the power of the atonement I think I've become a pretty good person.  I have plenty of room for improvement, just like everyone.  Over all I feel happy and healthy and LOVE my life.  Ten years ago I wouldn't have believed myself if I heard me say this.  Life is good.  I am blessed.  Miracles happen.  There is joy!  Family, Marriage, and Motherhood are wonderful!


Kendra said...

I agree! You've done amazingly well and have come so far. It is great to see who you've become despite your previous circumstances.

Erin L said...

Thanks for you testimony!

The Kleyn Family said...

Well said!!! Miracles happen...thanks for helping remind us to be thankful! :)