Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break, AKA Grandma Week

My Mom took off her spring break from work and came down and visited a few days.  My sister Chelsea and nephew Seth also came along.  Croix loves when they come visit!!
 We read stories.
 One day we went to Freestone park and rode the train

 And played on all of the rides.
 And rode one :)  They loved it!
 Not that they look like it here! 
 We walked over and checked out the ducks.
 Attempted to get the boys to eat lunch, too many distractions!
 Then we walked over to the play ground.

 And played in the sand.
 My Mom is one of those super cool Grandma's that's not afraid to get dirty and jumps right in there!

 On the way home we got some ice cream.  Thank goodness they were just mini cones, that little bit was still enough for Croix to make a giant mess!
 We also went to story time at the library, and played lots and lots!

Another day Grandma Came and took us to the mall.  We picked up Connor on the way.  We enjoyed some chick-fil-a, and the cool cow.

Rode the carousel.

 And then a little fun at the play place.

 The next day Croix and I went to the pool with some friends.  It was a delightful week!!  We love our Grandma's!!!

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