Sunday, June 10, 2012

36 Weeks

At my appointment on Thursday the doctor came in and looked at the NST and says "wow you're really pounding out those contractions. Can you feel them?"  I wanted to reply nope, my whole uterus is rock hard but I sure don't feel a thing. Instead I just said yes. He also told me that I have too much amniotic fluid still, I have for the past month.  He concluded our appointment by saying that with gestational diabetes, extra fluid, lots of contractions, a history of preterm labor, it was pretty likely that I will deliver early.

That night I was having lots of pressure waves (contractions) and thought I'd time them "just for fun".  I have them all the time, they didn't seem like that much more then normal.  But I wondered if it was enough for the doctor to comment how often were they happening.  So I timed them, for a couple hours and I was surprised to see I was having them every 5ish minutes lasting 45-60 seconds.  If you are unaware, that is early stages of your birthing time (labor).  I figured if they hadn't gotten any longer, stronger or closer together in two hours then they most likely weren't going to.  I went to bed and went to sleep. 

The next morning I was still having them quite often, although with getting Croix and myself up and fed there was no time, to time them.  I was annoyed with them though.  So I took a hot bath with ginger.  Croix and I had fun.  They slowed down.  I called the midwife later that morning and she said I'm doing everything I can, she would recommend modified bed rest.  Just really decreasing my activity and taking it as easy as possible.  So Croix and I have been hanging out around the house.  I defenatly notice them increas when I'm more physically active.  We went to Target yesterday and by time we left they were coming pretty good.  We'll see how the week goes!  I have them all the time.  Just enough to be annoying and uncomfortable, not enough to do anything, which at this point is a good thing.  We have our last Hypnobabies class this Saturday, I just want to make it till then.  That will also put me at 37 weeks which is full term, which is always a good thing.  It is weird to think that with where I am now in this pregnancy Croix was born in 2 days!

I am feeling quite ready, if it wasn't for our class I don't know that I would care too much if she came today!  Sleep is not so bad since I discovered the joy of Benadryl!  Heart burn has started to rear it's ugly head.  Although no where near as badly as I had it with Croix.  I think mostly because I'm carrying Maizy so much lower.  I do feel tired and worn out so easy.  I have a spot in my mid back that just hurts, most of the time, especially when I sit!  Which made church a joy today.  As we were walking though Target yesterday I realized I am really waddling!  I commented as much to Brent and he said, well you are 9 months pregnant.  Yes, yes I am. 

I feel like I have to get everything done and enjoy every minute I can before baby comes (not that I won't enjoy things once she is here I just know that our whole world is going to change).  I went and got a 2 hour massage yesterday.  Yes it was heaven!  I have our bag packed, birth plan written, arraignments made for Croix.  Baby clothes are washed.  Car seat is almost ready to go (just need to wash the cover, I had to wait for Brent to pull it apart.)  Brent is going to start driving himself in to work starting tomorrow.  I want to go to the temple one more time, since I know it's going to be a while before I get to do that again.  I also want to go on a date with Brent.  Maybe a girls night?  Too much for a lady who is supposed to be on bed rest?  We'll see.

I'm surprised at how calm and excited I am to welcome Maizy into our family!  I can't wait to meet her and see what she looks like.  To kiss her sweet head.  I absolutely cannot wait for Croix to meet her and see him as a big brother.  He truly is so excited!  So excited to think it could be as soon as a week (ish).


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