Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Say What

I had a client schedule for 8 AM.  I was telling Brent that I was going to be working the next day.  It was also the same day/morning that Marilyn was coming to clean.  Brent says to me "did you get a babysitter or is Marilyn just going to do it?"  I literally laughed out loud!  Obviously he doesn't quite get it.  Sure I really dislike cleaning and I'm not so good at it, but a major part of my trade is that it's not really possible to get cleaning done with Croix right beside me.  He will try and get into cleaners, what I'm cleaning, cry because he wants attention.  I told him he didn't even know how funny I found that question!  Let him know who would be baby sitting, and went along with my day, every so often laughing at the ignorance of his question.  I love love that man!

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