Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smarty Socks

Croix and I were playing and he found a (dirty) pair of Brent's socks and put them on.  He was cracking up at himself thinking it was so funny that he had Daddy's socks on.  I had him stand still so I could take a picture

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where he then turned quite serious!  So although the picture doesn't seem like it, he was really cracking up at himself.  We were playing, with him in Brent's socks, and he said something smart.  I said "wow Mr. Croix, you're quite the smarty pants!"  He replies  "I no have pants, me Mr. smarty socks".  I busted up!  Yes indeed he is a little smarty socks!

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Just US said...

Love it! He is such a cute kid!