Thursday, June 14, 2012

For Sale

We are selling our house!  Short selling to be exact.  I couldn't be happier.  So excited to be moving on to a new plan.  We'll have to rent for a couple years before we can buy again.  But during that time we'll save money for a down payment.  Short selling will allow us to buy another home a lot sooner than staying in this and trying to save.  In my perfect world an investor will buy the house and we'll just be able to rent it back from them, at least long enough so that we're not  moving with a newborn!  Are we a little crazy to list our house for sale when I'm nine moths pregnant?  Eh maybe but people have done crazier things.  We listed the house this morning and our agent has already emailed that we have "two strong offers"  in the time it took to compose this we're now up to 5 offers (one is 35K more then the listing price) and 3 people coming to view the home tomorrow.  Now we can just hope the bank works quickly with us so we can figure out what the heck we're going to do and where we're going to live!

I will say this has been quite the undertaking while I'm supposed to be on bed rest!  There is all sorts of paper work to gather, fill out and get to the agent.  Had to get the house super duper clean.  So I'd clean a little, contractions would start, I'd rest, go back to cleaning.  I've been trying to do as much as I can at the same time as taking it as easy as I can.  Brent has been amazing.  Yesterday he worked a full day of work, came home, made dinner, took Croix to the grocery store, the library to get me a book, came home, went home teaching, home again, then off to pick up pictures from Walgreens (so I can have pictures of my family while I'm at the hospital), picked up a movie for Croix and I to watch today, did a load of laundry or two, made his lunch and ironed his clothes for work the next day, oh and we did a hypnosis script.   Whew!  I'm tired just typing all that.  All the while giving me instructions to take it easy when I tried to help him.  I love him!  I love that he's stepped up and gone above and beyond!  With out being asked, or instructed, well I did give him a grocery list and told him what errands needed done, but I never had to ask him to make dinner, or do laundry, he just jumped in and did it!  Man I've got a good one!

You can see the listing of our house here. It's absolutely disgusting the price it's listed for compared to what we paid for it!  But that is exactly why we're short selling!

The agent said he wasn't happy with how his photos turned out so I spent nap time today taking more pictures for him (I offered).  I don't think he has added any of them yet.  So just for my own satisfaction I'm going to post them here. To document our home!

Croix's room

 The hallway
 Master Bathroom

 Guest Bathroom

 Guest/Massage(which he didn't want it to look like a massage room so I made it look like..)/exercise room.

 Powder Room

 Master Bedroom

Do they make you want to buy our house? 

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Jessi said...

You are superwoman! All that...and 9 months preggo?! Do you have a fancy cape too? Change is good. Good change is better. I'm excited to hear about your upcoming adventures. You're doing great--now go take it easy with a treat on the comfy couch! Love the idea of having pics at the hospital with you... I may borrow that one.