Sunday, June 10, 2012


We've had two friends recently who's father's have passed away.  It reminds me of just how hard it was when Jim first passed away.  Makes me miss him.  With Maizy coming any time I miss him even more.  He was such a wonderful Papa.  He not only loved his Grand kids, but loved that they loved him.  He loved spending time with them.  I imagine Jim and Maizy up there having a little last minute chat.  I'm pretty sure he's telling her to come be a trouble maker.  I know she'll be bringing his love with her. 


As much as we know he is in a better place and doing the Lords work I am still sad to know we will never get this picture with Maizy and that here in this life, she will never know her Papa.


Katherine said...

I like your thoughts, that they may be having a last minute chat.

The Kleyn Family said...

I'm convinced our loved ones who have passed help shape the personalities of the new little bundles we get from heaven. Sweet post--thanks for sharing!