Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Excuse Me?!?!

Sunday Croix was doing awesome in sacrament meeting.  He was quietly playing, staying in our row, not being loud, not pestering people around us, he really was just being great!  I was sitting thinking, wow he's doing really good today.  Man my little boy is growing and learning!  Then I feel a tap on my shoulder from the person behind me followed by "Your son is being very disruptive".  I sat there shocked.  I had no clue what to say.  He was being SO GOOD!  In all of ten seconds I'm envisioning turning around and saying excuse me, I think he's doing really well.  If you have a problem you can move.  Or I'm sorry, with a dirty look.  Or do I just ignore this person?  I slowly turn around, to see a friend!  I can't even tell you the relief that washed over me!  I had no idea what I should say or do in a situation like that!?!  I told her I was so glad it was just her, I didn't know what to say except I thought he was doing really well.  She then smiled and said, he really is!!  Thank heavens I'm not blogging about a real confrontation like this at church!

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