Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Remember

How a tiny newborn fits so perfectly on my chest.
Nipples sticking to nursing pads.
How wonderful Lansano is!
How soft newborns are.
Sleep headaches.
Having to build up burping muscles, and sore arms.
The irresistible urge to kiss my baby.
How awesome my nursing boobs look, but not so much how they feel.
Being overwhelmed with worry.
How stinky nursing pads can be after a long leaky night.
How ravenously hungry I get, and how I just crave carbs.
How amazing Brent is at stepping in and helping.
How much I love seeing and hearing Brent interact with our new baby.
How grateful I am to have someone bring dinner to my doorstep.
My neck hurting from staring at my new baby.
My heart growing even bigger and love overflowing.
Random tears of joy when thinking of how blessed my life is!

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