Thursday, June 14, 2012

37 (almost) Week Check Up

Today at my appointment found out I have even more extra fluid than before.  Like a lot extra.  I was thinking not such a big deal since it just increases risk of a breach baby and I know she's already head down and praying she stays that way.  Then they tell me that another concern is if your water breaks and baby's head is not fully engaged in the pelvis (which is more likely because of all the extra fluid she's just floating around) there is an increased chance of prolapsed umbilical cord (Google that one)  which can be life threatening for baby, or baby's arm coming out first!  Yikes people!  Pretty sure I'm now going to have nightmares about baby arms, or other parts hanging out of my vagina tonight!  Or my baby dying before I can get to the hospital.  Oh did I mention my water broke at home with Croix, a good 1 1/2-2 hours before we got to the hospital.  Let's just say I'm not laboring at home, I'll be headed to the hospital as soon as my birthing time starts.  But that might be a little difficult to determine considering I'm having birthing waves (contractions) all the time.  Like last night when they woke me up and kept me awake for about an hour in the middle of the night.  Or this morning, they were every 3 minutes for about an hour.  I'm still pregnant, so obviously that wasn't the start of birthing time, but with that going on all the time how am I supposed to know for sure!  Sheesh body, just make things difficult why don't you!  They also said that Maizy is measuring small, still, she always has been.  But that's better than big which is a concern with gestational diabetes.  Also said at this point I'm good to go as far as pelvic/bed rest.  So at this point it's self inflicted until we're ready to have a baby.  Saturday is the last day of our Hypnobabies class I'm good after that.  Brent thinks we should wait until his Mom gets home from South Carolina and can take care of Croix.  I have other arraignments made I think we'll be fine.  I feel like I can just decide what day to have a baby, which is not really true.  But I have pressure waves all the time.  I feel like all we'll have to do is wait until they start up and I'm having them every 3-5 minutes (which to get that going all I have to do is be physically active) and then do something to help stimulate labor, ie: sex, a walk, nipple stimulation, eating specific foods or herbs, there are tons of things you can do (at least according to Google) and we'll have a baby.  (wow that was one run on sentence)  Either way Brent's Mom gets home late Tuesday so I'm thinking we'll have a baby by this time next week!  Bring it people!  I'm so excited!

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Jessi said...

WOW!! Exciting times! You are almost to the finish line! It's hard when our bodies confuse us...and tease us. I like listening to scripts right before bed or have J read them to me- I fall right asleep with less anxiety/worry and no nightmares.

You could always start evening primrose oil capsules. My midwife has me taking 4000mg/daily. She also said orally is the same as vag and much less irritating. ;)I've also tried every remedy known to man and these babies just won't let us force them out! Good luck to you. I can't wait to hear the news. :)