Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ballet Under the Stars

There was a Ballet Under the Stars program in Tempe a couple of weeks ago.  My first thought was oh what a fun little family event.  Then I realized it started at 7 and Croix is usually in bed by 7:30.  Which made me think, girls night!  I sent out an email saying let's go have a girls night!  I got a lot of replies saying people were going with their families, guess they all had the same thought I did originally!  I fretted over what to do.  Get a sitter?  We're broke.  Just don't go?  Out of the Question.  Just take Croix and risk a melt down?  I finally settled on the latter.  I moved his morning and afternoon naps down an hour and a half each.  It was a little rough getting the morning one that late.  He sure was grumpy.  I was so paranoid that it wouldn't work and he would melt down.  But I've got to learn to let go of the schedule a little every now and then, so we can enjoy life!  I also thought worse case scenario.  He melts down, we go home, at least we tried.

We also went with Heather, Brent's sister, and our niece Kierstie, and Heathers friend.  Croix did AMAZING!!!!  He loved it!  He sat on Brent's lap and watched with great interest during all performances.  THen during any breaks for costume changes etc he came and played on the ground with me.  Since it was in Tempe there was planes landing at the airport which is very close to where we were.  Croix love, love, loved the planes!  He just stared at them.  They he started reaching for them.  He would follow them, staring, the whole time they flew by.  He enjoyed the ballet, but he sure loved the planes!  Such a boy!

 Croix searching for a snack during intermission.
 Kierstie & Heather's friend
Heather & Brent
 Croix checking out the planes.

Our niece Kierstie also had a wonderful time!

I really could not have asked for a better experience!  Croix did amazing, the ballet was amazing, the weather was amazing!  Glad I decided to forgo the schedule and take the risk!

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