Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mini Photo Shoot.....Fall

While we were in Utah we went and found fall.  It was too beautiful and picturesque to not fire away!  I had fun with my new knowledge about my camera and was delighted when the pics were just a little off and I figured out what settings to change and Viola, it was just right.  Then I figured out a few new things on photoshop and here's what we ended up with.  (I did realized after I was all done I need to look at the original before I finish because after looking at a picture long enough in photoshop and playing with it enough it looked perfect, then looking at the final picture I realized it was too dark, bright, saturated, etc.  But ti's fun to learn and play and practice.)


Elizabeth Farnsworth said...

Love them! Great job.

Kendra said...

You got some awesome pictures! I'm sorry we didn't get to see you and meet Croix while you were here. How fun to see Kristen while you were in Vegas. If you see/talk to her again tell her I say hi. I'm glad you had a fun trip and got so much in.