Monday, October 18, 2010

Down To One.....I Guess

The past three days I put Croix down for his morning nap at his normal time, in the normal way with very untypical results.  He just screamed and screamed and screamed.  He even tried dashing out of the bedroom when we went in for story time!  Then as soon as I started singing him his song he started fussing.  Then he screamed, not cried but screamed his entire nap time.  Then he would only sleep 40 min for his PM nap!  Not long enough.  He was pretty grump.  I felt so bad for him. 

Well I can take a clue.  He's obvously tyring to tell me he's done with the morning nap.  So farewell morning nap we're down to just one nap.  I kept him up until 12 today (10:30 is normal nap time) at about 10:45 he was looking and acting tired.  I questioned the decision to just go head on into one nap.  Nope 3 days in a row he protested and refused a morning nap we're just going to do it.  He did ok.  He required lots of entertainment but he made it to 12:00.  Not I'm just praying he takes a long nap rather then this 40 minute business.  That is not enough sleep for my little one year old!
***He just woke up!  After only 45 min!  oh Heaven help me!***
So he woke up after only 45 min of napping.  Literally right after I typed "I'm just praying he takes a long nap" he started fussing.  I kept him up until 3:30 and put him down for a very late second nap.  We'll see  how long he sleeps.  Now what do I do tomorrow?   Try and go back to two naps tomorrow?  Try for one nap once again?  Sheesh!

 Since it's been a while since I posted any pic here are a few of late.

 He whacked his chin pretty well the other day.
 Daddy popped him up there. We all thought it was pretty funny!
 Eating is always an adventure,
 you never know where the food will end up!
Croix and Rusty are still great buddies.
Despite his frowny face he really was loving this!
The vacuum and carpet cleaner are some of his favorite "toys."
I've taken to taking pictures of us together or else I may never have any!
So sweet!
(See Brent will have plenty of sweet pictures like this, I will not, he's not the picture taker I am *sigh*)
He loves this little car!  I think it's so funny how it has a little storage under the seat, and Croix loves to stand in it!


Heather said...

Oh I hope the transition goes smoothly. I am looking forward to being able to do longer activities but I am sure I will mourn the morning break for me! Good luck!

Stephanie and Cody Sunderhaus said...

I LOVE THE SPAGETTI PICTURE!! SOOO cute!! hahah... and I do understand. I think most males are the same way. I rarely have a picture with Lexee!

Amber Waters said...

Terina! How are you? When my kids gave up the morning nap I just layed them down around 11 and they would take a really long nap then usually 3-4 hours. Was kind of hard to plan lunch but they usually just ate when they got up around 2. He might be overtired at noon. I've noticed my kids don't rest as well once they are overtired.