Thursday, October 28, 2010


That's what I've been doing lately, reading.  I used to read a lot.  I hadn't been lately.  It was nice to have that part of me come back to life again.  The part of me that just devours a good book, that gets completely lost in a story, that laughs and cries with the characters, that misses them when the book is done because it seems like we've become good friends through out their tail.  Part of my bust this funk was to read a book.  I'm so glad I put that on there!  It really helped!  The first book I read was The Bitch in the House.  I had read it before but as I was looking through my bookshelf for a book to read I was drawn to this one.  I didn't know why, I couldn't really remember that much about it.  I now know why.  It was exactly what I needed.  It's a compilation of essays by twenty six women about life.  How they view life.  The rage they feel.  The love they feel.  The aloneness of it all, the stress, the resentment, the self inflicted unobtainable expectations.  It was very validating to read.  I loved how I felt like I could in some small way relate to all of these women or even if I couldn't relate I could better understand what others think and how they feel about the lifestyle and decisions they've made (to be a working Mom, stay at home Mom, not have children, not marry, have an open marriage).  It helped me to judge less as I realized, once again we are all just women trying to make our lives the best we can.

I also just finished the Hunger Games series.  It took me all of three days!  I devoured the books!  I could not put them down.  At some points it was because the story was so good but at others it was just because I was relishing getting lost in a story, another place, another time, the life of someone else.  My house was neglected, facebook ignored, emails, texts unanswered, poor Croix found himself watching a lot of Baby Einstein, Brent found himself eating leftovers, but man they were good books!  I really liked how they ended.  It was not a typical happily ever after ending.  But considering what they had been through I think it was as happily ever after as they could get.  It was realistic, yet still happy.  I like that.  I consider myself a optimistic realist, that to me is how the books ended.  Now I'm playing catch up on the house, and super Mom with Croix trying to catch up and make up for my three lost days.  I think next time I'll have to pace myself a little better!


Heather said...

LOVED the Hunger Games series. I flew through them too and just wanted the kids to nap so I could keep reading, many a late night over here! My favorite is putting book son hold at the library and then they call me when they are ready. Works best with the littles since who has time to browse anymore?

Amber Waters said...

Way to go for taking time for yourself! I feel so rejuvenated when Iv'e done something that I really wanted to do (read, sew, paint my toenails) which in turn I think makes me a better Mom and wife. Its hard to remember we need time for ourselvs to.

Kristin & Ryan said...

I read the hunger game series too. I love those books!

Hogan said...

I love finding a book I love and can't put down. Haven't read either of those. What is next on your list!?
Hopefully after "catch up" you'll still find some You time.