Thursday, October 21, 2010

Going Natural

When I wrote that title it made me think of this comercial.

This commercial makes me laugh!  I know it's cheesy! That's okay, it still makes me snicker.  Also it has nothing to do with my going "all natural" I just thought about it!

I'm going to share something with you that I haven't ever shared before.  First I will tell you the secret and then I will tell you the reason I never shared it before (so you don't make me regret sharing)

We got pregnant all on our own.  After over a year of being on a cocktail of different medications and multiple failed fertility treatments we took a break.  We didn't do a thing (well we did one thing ;) and we got pregnant.  Not a single medication.  Not a single treatment.  No charting.  Nothing.  To say the least I was completely shocked to find out I was pregnant!

This is why I never told you; if I heard one more person (because I did tell a few people) say "See you just needed to relax"  I was going to punch someone in the teeth!  If all we'd needed to do was relax we probably would have gotten pregnant in Hawaii, California, Las Vegas, Utah, Tucson, New York or any where else we were on vacation during the 2 years we were trying.  I'm sure anyone who said that had nothing but good intentions but it felt very invalidating.  If all we needed to do was relax then I'm sure my hormones would have all been exactly where they should have been and that I ovulated normally.  It felt like they were saying infertility was an emotional problem, all in my head, rather then the medical disease infertility truly is.  So with that said, that's why I never told you.

I'm not to the point of worrying that I'm not pregnant yet.  I don't really want to be yet, but if it were to happen now it would be a much welcomed blessing!  Despite not wanting to be pregnant right now I'm an action oriented person.  Which means I need to have a plan.  So here's my plan (for now, it may change, the Lord is good at changing my plans).  I'm trying a more natural approach this time.  Since the medical treatments are not what worked last time I don't see how it could be any less successful.

These are the natural alternatives I'm pursuing at the moment.  I'm taking Vitex.  Vitex is an herbal supplement.  (you can follow the link to read more about it)  I've had two friends with infertility who got pregnant using Vitex.  One of it's main uses is to help regulate a womans cycle.  Sounds great since I've never had a regular cycle.  Also my cycle has not really come back yet since weaning.  (That is if you don't count the slow leak {Spotting} I had for 50 DAYS recently).  I also read the side effects and they are minimal, definitely less then any thing I experienced from clomid or any of the other medications I was on.  I'm also trying Foot Zoning.  (Again you can follow the link for more information).  It is similar to reflexology which you are probably more familiar with.  It works along the thought that the entire body can be affected through working the feet.  I have a friend that does this and I'm very excited about trying it out.  In researching foot zoning I read that it is more beneficial for infertility for people with PCOS and unexplained infertility.  That's exactly what I have!  I also read about 7 out of 10 women seeking treatment for infertility were able to conceive!  I'm hopeing I'll have success in getting pregnant using these natural treatments.  If not I'll go back to my OBGYN and probably get on the dreaded clomid again. 

Now that we are thinking about number two all the fertility treatments are coming back to my memory.  All the side effects of all the medications.  All the tears.  All the dashed hopes.  The broken heart.  It's a little scary.  A new friend who sufferers from infertility as well, recently posted a comment about "come what may and love it".  That was exactly what I needed to hear!  It's not always easy.  It's easy to let the fear in and let the faith fade away.  With that said I've been having faith and praying and pondering.  I do know no matter what I have a son that has blessed my life beyond my greatest expectations.  If he is the only child we are blessed with, although it would be a disappointment, our lives will still be full and blessed!

Just for fun here's Croix and I dressed warm for the first time this year!
YAY for cooler weather!

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Kendra said...

My mother-in-law actually learned the foot zone stuff too. I haven't really had anything done (I went for one treatment from the lady that taught her to try to get me to go into labor but it didn't work - it would have if I had gone earlier in the pregnancy) but I hear it can do amazing things. I'm excited for you. Good luck with everything!!