Thursday, October 7, 2010


I'm bored.

Right this moment and kind of with life in general.

How can I be bored with a one year old?  Sure he keeps me on my toes and my day is a constant game of cat and mouse where I follow behind him pulling things from his mouth, pulling him down off of  what ever he's managed to climb upon this time, (he's trying really hard to climb up our dinning room chairs, which means he's about 2 steps [1. climbing on chair 2. learning to push chair in front of what he wants] away from being very dangerous) plus cleaning up what ever mess he just made.  Sure I'm busy enough during the day.  It's just the same thing day after day.

I'm bored.

When I get bored I think of moving.  There are a few places I dream of moving to.
This is one of them:

 Don't you just love how the beach is so white and the water is so clear that you can barely tell where the waves end and the beach begins.
Doesn't this just make you want to lay in a hammock with a great book and a cold drink?  I'd love to sleep and read the afternoon away under this tree!

These are a couple pictures I took when I lived in Puerto Rico.  Sometimes when I'm bored I dream of moving my little family there.  Brent could work as the manager of the resort (making fabulous money of course)  Croix and I could spend our days exploring new beaches.  We could spend our weekends learning to scuba dive, surf, digging for pirate treasure.  We would all be thin and tan.  Our lives would be perfect.  (hey I'm dreaming here)

Then I dream of moving here:
 I think I remember what that white stuff is.  I remember loving it as a child.  
I wonder if Croix would love it too?
Don't you just love how lush and green it is!  Do the mountains take your breath away too?

This is Flagstaff

I dream of us moving there and starting our own business.  It would be wildly successful. I would experience 4 seasons for the first time in more years then I want to think about.  Croix would play outdoors every day.  On the weekends we would mountain bike, go fishing, hike the mountains.  We would play in the snow in the winter.  Enjoy the amazing colors of fall.  Our summers would not be confined to our home.  And Spring, oh spring would be glorious!  Our lives would be perfect (again, I'm dreaming)

I dream of moving other places too, theses are just the two that I dream of most often.  DC comes into my mind.  As does then North West (Oregon, Washington).

Also being bored is making me want to change things.  I'm going to do some redecorating.  Have no fear, I'll do before and after pics.

It also makes me think of crazy things like dying my hair!!!  I've NEVER done that.  I've put in some blond highlights before but never full on colored it.  I think it's a blessing and a curse that I have amazing hair.  Really there is no denying it.  It's my favorite and best feature.  My entire life people have oooh-ed and aaah-ed over it.  I love my hair color.  I really do feel so bless.  BUT I love my hair color, so I feel like it would/could be tragic if I colored it.  Like a sin to change something so God givenly wonderful.  So in my head I think, maybe when I start to go gray I'll do fun things with my hair.  Wait?  When I start to gray?  Like when I'm 40?  Ok so I'll be a 40 year old woman with dark hair and purple highlights?  Humm that might look like I'm desperate for my youth.  Which leaves me thinking, maybe I just need to do it.  Dye my hair.  Have some fun while I'm still young enough to do so.  Why should the rest of the women in America get to have all the fun?  We'll see. Who knows.  I think at least cut is in the future.  I haven't had a hair cut since Thanksgiving last year.  I'm due.

Also I had hot coco for breakfast and I'm enjoying ice cream right now.  Love fall!  It's my favorite season.  I always feel homesick this time of year, because we don't truly get fall.  Not homesick for any location, just for fall.  I'll just enjoy our desert version of fall, because it's what I get and it's better then 110!


Heather said...

We get bored too and always dream of "when we are done with school...". But will I ever be satisfied? I am trying to enjoy the present and not always look forward to the next stage that I don't give today my all. Not that you are doing that, just thinking out loud. At the same time it is easy to get too comfortable, not chase some of those dreams. So go for it! You'll never know until you try and what is the worst that will happen?

I wish we had fall and seasons here and Phil & I talk about living somewhere else all the time. I was grocery shopping last night and passed the hot cocoa and thought I should have a cup soon. :) Hooray fall!

AZ Larsens said...

DO NOT color your hair!!

Totally know what you mean about feeling bored and wanting to move though. :)