Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Las Vegas & Utah Vacation

We took a long over due vacation.  Is it just me or does it always seem like every vacation is always long over due?  We went to Vegas to see Garth Brooks.  I can now check that off my bucket list!  My best friend who lives in southern Utah, had a sweet baby girl last month, she had also never met Croix.  So we figured since we were that close to them we had to drive a few more hours and say hi. 

We left Thursday durning PM nap time.  Croix slept most of the drive.  Other wise when he was awake Baby Einstein saved the day!!

Then we stayed the night in Kingman.  It was nice to break up the trip and I think it was good for Croix to have a little break from his car seat.

We got to drive over the Hover Dam which is always fun.  It was cool to see the bridge they are building.  Too bad it's not quite done yet, other wise we could have driven over it!

When we got to Vegas we went to the MGM and checked out the Lions

Croix really enjoyed them.
Then we went to the Mirage and saw a giant fish tank.

We got to met up with my dear friend from high school Kristen.  I hadn't seen her in 11 years!  She's still as beautiful as ever.

Then we went and visited with my friend Kalena, a friend since practically forever.  I tried to kill her at girls camp, we've been friends ever since.
She's just as sweet and sassy as every.  Such a beautiful Mommy!

This is Croix with her beautiful red headed girls  (I want one)

Then we went to see Garth Brooks, which will be a post of it's own!

Then next day we got up, drove a couple more boring hours to Utah and visited my friend Desiree and her husband Royal and got to meet their beautiful daughter Dixie.  Dixie and Croix and to be married one day, so we felt it important for them to meet early in life.

Croix held Dixie's hand all on his own.  Their relationship is blossoming perfectly!
We also met up with a friend from Connecticut Katie.  She's the same fun beautiful girl I remember from CT! Only instead of being a fun nanny, she's a fun mommy to 3 beautiful girls!

 On the way home we saw a double rainbow!  It was amazing!  We drove right past it!  I feel as though it will bring us good luck through out the rest of the year!

We also drove through some great fall colors.  Enjoy some "through the car window" pics!  One day I will take this same drive with the soul purpose of stopping anywhere and everywhere I want to take pictures.  There are so many beautiful old barns, green pastures with amazing foliage, perfect little lakes...ahhh some day I will turn a 45 min drive in to a drive that takes hours, stopping ever few hundred yards to try and capture Gods great beauty.

Croix did great.  We tried to coordinate drive times with nap times as much as possible but when he was awake he did really well.  I was also so grateful for our well established bed time routine.  At nap time I read him a story, sang him his song and like magic he went to sleep right there in his car seat!  (not every time but that did happen once!)  It was wonderful weather everywhere we went.  We even got rained on everyday!  (For us desert rats that's great weather!)  It was so fun to spend time as a family and visit old friends!  What a wonderful vacation it was!

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