Monday, October 18, 2010


We went to the zoo last week with all Croix's cousins on the Maldonado side of the family.  It was his nap time so he was a little tired but he was a trouper and did good.  It was fun. 
Croix checking everything out.

 Kierstie, Croix, and Cate
 Max and Croix
 Just my little farmer.
 It cracked me up how he was walking around like this! 
With his diaper hanging out he looked so funny!
 Croix, random dude, Conner
Conner driving the truck
 Croix and I in the petting zoo area
(He was terrified!  He was clinging to my arm for dear life!)
 Ah the lazy life of an orangoutang!

On the way  home Cate passed out
It was so funny to watch her head keep bobbing around! 

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