Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Garth Brooks

Years and years ago before I'd ever heard the term "bucket list"  I made a bucket list.  I have added and removed many things from this list.  I put things on my original list that I didn't really think would ever happen, like go to NYC.  As a young girl growing up poor, in a small town in Arizona this seemed near impossible.  I'm happy to report that has happened many times over.  I added things, that when writing them down I was sure would happen.  One item on the list was go to a Garth Brooks concert.  When I put this on the list I knew it would happen one day.  Then Garth Brooks retired, before I was old enough to make things happen for myself.  I feared I'd never get to cross that off my list.  Then one day, not to long ago a friend of mine posted a facebook status about Garth Brooks performing.  I quickly Googled Garth Brooks in Concert Arizona.  Nothing came up.  So I took out the Arizona and found it!  I did some research and found out when and where.  Then discussed it with Brent.  Not wanting to be the one to stand in the way of me completing my bucket list together we decided we'd just have to go on a vacation in October!!!

We got online the day the tickets went on sale.  Sat and waited for the minutes to click over to the golden hour that the tickets went on sale.  Our order was completed, all that needed to be done was to click the buy tickets button.  The clock said 9:00 and we hit that button!  Nothing, tickets not available!!  WHAT???  It took us a couple minutes to realize there is a time difference between us and where ever it was that was selling the tickets.  So we waited another agonizing hour!!  10:00 rolls around, click that little button, and the tickets are ours!!!  I was so excited, I'm picturing Garth Brooks flying over the crowd singing my favorite song!

After he had started performing the show we looked up reviews of the show.  It said it was just Garth and his guitar, singing some of his songs, lots of other peoples songs, then at the end Q & A with the audience.  I became apprehensive, this was not what I was envisioning.  Where did he fly over the audience?  I was so nervous that I would be disappointed in the show.

Fast forward, we are in Las Vegas.  Because of unforeseen circumstances we are late checking into our hotel.  I have zero time to get ready.  Literally no time!  I just changed my clothes as quickly as possible, forgot to even check my day long, tired, traveling, makeup that thankfully I had at the very last minute decided to throw on that morning.  We tried not to rush as we put Croix down for the night.  I tried to ignore his cries as we rushed out the door leaving him in the safe care of my old friend Kalena.  We got to the car to hurried to the show.  Then got LOST!!!  The show started at 8 and we left the hotel at 7:15 and we got lost!!!  We had mapquested how to get there, on foot!  We thought we would have plenty of time to get there, not be rushing last minute!  We're driving on this stretch of road that feels like a freeway with no exits, nowhere to turn around and my heart starts pounding!  I'm going to be late, or what if I'm so late they won't let us in and I miss the whole thing!!!  I take a very deliberate deep breath.  Stressing out is not going to help me be alert as I drive so I can find the place.  We are finally able to turn around and go back to where we started from.  We go a different way and make it there.  Like it or not we valet the car, no time to park!  Rush in and go through an entire casino to will call.  We had intended to get the tickets prior to the show, but again unforeseen circumstances prohibited us from doing that.  We get to will call and man oh man are they serious about security!  We have to show picture ID, the credit card we purchased the tickets with, and our confirmation email.  They put wrist bands on us and if that was not enough, just for good measure they put a stamp on our hands, that you can only see with a black light!  I don't think anyone scalped those tickets!

We landed in our seats with only a few moments to spare, but we made it before the show started!  I felt like a child on Christmas morning.  I was giddy with anticipation.  Garth came out dressed in tennis shoes, jeans, an old T-shirt, and a baseball cap and proceeded to tell the story of his life through music.  It was amazing!  He started by singing songs that had influenced him.  He started way back in the 60's.  Some how I knew the songs he sang.  Don't ask me how I was born over 2 decades after some of the songs he sang were released, but I knew them and sang along.  It was awesome to hear him sing his musical influence and then have him sing a song of his own, and hear the previous artist in the song.  He was funny!  He was personal.  It was very intimate.  It was amazing the emotion that completely enveloped the room.  At the end he did his Q & A.  He gave audience members the opportunity to ask questions, request songs, share stories of how his songs had affected their lives.  There was a very touching moment when a woman requested a song for her husband recently returned from Afghanistan.  Garth gave a very humble and heartfelt thank you to this man for his service to our country.  The entire audience leapt to their feet to offer this returned soldier a long and hearty standing ovation.   After performing the requested song another lady stood and requested Bellea Wood and dedicated it to the soldier.  The lyrics to this song, are touching, in this setting they struck to the heart.  There was barely a dry eye in the place.  Even Garth got choked up, even Brent felt the tenderness of the moment.  Late when Garth performed The Dance I cried.  Who cannot relate to that beautiful song.  Who has never loved someone and lost them, weather it be an old flame, a family member, even the turing of time and loosing the happiness of our circumstance.  I also shed a tear or two during The River, and We Shall Be Free.  Oh how I love those songs!  I loved every song he sang.  The only one I had hopped to hear and did not was Unanswered Prayers.

For all my worrying that I would be disappointed, the show by far surpassed what I had originally hoped for.  It was the best show I've ever been to.  One I will not soon forget.  It was worth every penny, and that is saying a lot for cheep me because it cost a lot of pennies!

We paused a moment in our rush to snap  a couple pics.
As tight as they were with security getting into the the show they were equally tight on security regarding picture taking.  Security came and made you delete any pictures taken during the show.  I knew this before hand and so I didn't bother bringing the camera. This just left my camera on my phone to catch a couple pics before and after the show.
 That is Garth Brooks guitar waiting for him to come and play it!
 That is Brent and I waiting for Garth Brooks, who do you think is more excited?
 This is my ridiculously cheesy happy face after the show.

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Heather said...

What a great trip! I am so glad you went and got to cross something off your bucket list.