Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We were lucky enough to have Brent home for two weeks after Maizy was born. He went back to work today (actually yesterday, didn't get this finished and posted). So it was my first day solo with my two little loves. It went really well! Croix was awake when Maizy woke up but was quiet in his room long enough to nurse her. Croix entertained Maizy (who likes to be awake first thing in the morning) while I made breakfast.
Then I did the dishes (because my sink stunk to high heavens), cleaned the table (which was completely covered in food grim thanks to Croix's eating habits, a whole other post!), swept and mopped the floor. Then got us all dressed loaded in the car and headed to the library, even remembered the library books to return. We made it there just in time for story time. I sat down and nursed a very hungry Maizy and tried to coerce Croix to stay where he should and participate!  He didn't do too bad. Well unless you count when he almost pulled the fire extinguisher off the wall. Yep I went running across the room, baby attached, shirt half up my back, and made it there before he succeeded. After the story and coloring Maizy needed a diaper change and Croix had to go potty. We headed off to the bathroom where Croix decided the anti-smelly thing in the urinal looked like a great toy! Sick! Pretty sure the entire library heard me yell "STOP! NO! PUT THAT DOWN!"  It was an exciting trip to the bathroom.
Once we got home it was lunch time. Croix wouldn't eat, or listen to a thing I said. Maizy had been up until 11 the night before with gas (again a whole other post) so I did not get much sleep.  Since I had fed her at the library I hadn't burped her very long, and had forgotten her gas drops. She was gasy and fussing and crying.  I could feel the sleep deprivation turning into patience deprivation. I could feel it and hear it in my voice. We were both too tired! Some how, most likely thanks to answered prayers, we all made it to nap time. I said some very heart felt prayers that we could all get a good nap. And what do you know, the Lord loves me! We all got a 2hr nap!
After nap time we watched the movie from the library, read some books and played some games. Croix didn't destroy anything while I nursed Maizy. And before we knew it Brent was home!  Even with a super grumpy tired 2 yet old and a gasy new born and nowhere near enough sleep for me, we still did just fine! Mom of two is going to be great!


AZ Larsens said...

Woohoo! You did it! And you even ventured out of the house? Wow. :) You'll have good days and bad days but just remember, you get to start over again tomorrow and the slate is wiped clean. That's what I try to tell myself when it's been "one of those days". Sounds like you're doing great though so far!

Heather said...

Good job Mama! You are going to do just fine.

Just US said...

Great job!! The first week is always the hardest for me and I hope yours continue to go smoothly!