Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today is 9.02.10.......90210
I thought that was pretty cool and I'd share that with you. 
It made me think about a time when I was living in LA and had a was trying to find a job as a nanny (a lot harder then you might think).  I was poorer then poor.  Desperately needing and wanting a job.  The agency called me to tell me they had an interview set up for me!  They gave me the address, it was something something Beverly Hills 90210.  I laughed.  Thought how cool it would be to work in Beverly Hills 90210.  When I got there I rang the intercom at the gate, so anxious to get on with the interview, excited to see inside this huge, beautiful, amazing house.  I was kindly told the position had already been filled.  Sadly I thought; oh how nice of anyone to let ME know!

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