Thursday, September 9, 2010


Brent won  tickets to the Sea Life Aquarium at the Arizona Mills mall for participating in the van pool program through his work.  I had heard about the new aquarium and wanted to check it out so I was super excited to have free tickets!  I was a little concerned that Croix was too little and wouldn't really enjoy it.  HE LOVED IT!!!
You can hardly see either of them but there's a puffer fish and a cool looking fish I don't know what it is in the background.

Croix would just stair at the fish and follow them with his hand.
Croix & Mommy in a bubble
They had a lot of these bubbles where you could stand up in them and it felt like you were in the tank.
They had all sorts of discovery learning centers.  Croix was obviously too young for them but still had fun playing with them.

Yep that fish is bigger then Croix

Shark, stink ray and a giant fish.  HOW COOL!

After we got done with the aquarium we bought a milk shake to share.  Croix thought it was the best thing he'd ever tasted!
This is what Croix thought of the milk shake

Like father like son.  Enjoying a nice cool treat.

*The following pictures were taken in the same settings I had the camera on for the aquarium....dark.  So they are not such great quality but super cute none the less.
Croix sure enjoying riding on Mommas shoulders.

He even snuggles my head and makes sweet humming, happy noises!

We really enjoyed the aquarium.  THey had some awesome fish.  I would definitely recommend it!

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