Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The Shirt says it all
Caution I do my own STUNTS
He loves to climb on the vacuums

And on Boxes

He figures out ways to reach what is beyond his reach.

He now uses his plane to climb.
This is not so great since it is not made for climbing and is not very stable.

Look how happy he is climbing on the wings of his plane!

Just moments after that super happy picture was taken Croix fell.  He busted open his lip, and cut his mouth.  It GUSHED blood!  It wouldn't stop bleeding.  Three hours after the fall it was still producing fresh blood.  The Dr. said that if it was the skin that attaches the lip to the gums there is nothing they can do.  If it was his gums, she wanted us to take him to the ER and have them stitch it up.  I prayed it would be that sink.  i envisioned holding him down while he was screaming and being stitched up, did not seem like something I would enjoy doing, or Croix!  Thankfully it was that little bit of skin.  It bleed off and on the entire day.  The next day it was fine.  An otter pop or two made the world a better place, helped with the swelling too.  Maybe next time he is adorable, but dangerous I should grab him and get him down rather then grab the camera.....or grab him after just one picture!  The next day he was playing with a toy and gave himself a black eye (ok not really a black eye but a bruise just under his eye)  With a fat lip and black eye I thought maybe we should not go in public for a few days!  Croix is certainly mobile!!!!

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Just US said...

The picture where he has followed Brent up the step ladder is such a great picture! He just wants to be just like his Dad!