Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crab Shack Pool Party

I can't believe Croix is already over a year old!  Where did the time fly to?  The party was a blast!  We kept it small.  A few friends and family.  Croix had lots of fun.  It was perfect!

The Goodies

Life preserver cake

Crab cookies
The yellow ones on the bottom are sea shells, apparently I didn't get a good shot of them!

My firend had the perfect tray!  Shells, crabs, and lobsters.  Perfection!

The Swimming

The Grandmas
(My mom is SO not photogenic!)

The evolution of a Cannon Ball

Cake Time

He didn't quite know what to do.  Despite the fact that he had blown out a candle 3 times before his party, he did not blow out his candle.

He just looked at it, oh so intrigued.

Then dug in
Then he sucked on the cake for quite some time.

Then he finally came up for some air.
Then chowed down some more.
Then started sucking on the plate.

Then tried out a spoon.


He kept getting distracted by the car, he thought it was so cool.

He got some puzzels
And some books

And just what every boy needs, a big truck!

He also got a dump truck, some blocks, some clothes, a toy phone and lots and lots of love!

The Car

His Great Grandma Smith has a cool car.  Croix loved it.

As soon as he was done with presents he headed right back to the car.

He loved it!

So did Lexee

and Seth, he was so sad he had to share.
It was a great day!  The weather held out for us despite forecasted, and cloudy threatening rain.  Croix didn't have a single melt down and did great.  It was wonderful to celebrate Croix and his first year of life with family and friends.  I did have to realize in my mind I am a great party planner and have visions of wonderful things.  In reality that requires way to much time.  I think what did come to fruition was pretty great.  The crab cookies were my favorite that day.  A big thank you to my Mom and Sister Chelsea for helping out with the last minute preparations, if it wasn't for you I don't know if I could have pulled it off!

We are so grateful for Croix and the many ways he has enriched our lives in the past year.  He has taught us so much.  We love to watch him grow and discover his world!  We are so in love!

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Heather said...

Great job Terina! Such a cute theme. I just made Max & Kate's smash cakes and am frosting them as we speak. So excited but sad that our babes are one.