Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Croix is one.  I can't believe my baby is already one year old!  I don't think you can really comprehend what people mean when they say "Cherish every moment, it goes so fast!"  until you have a child of your own and it just flies past you.

Here are some things we want to remember about Croix at this age.
Height:    29 in        19%
Weight:   19.6 lbs    7%

His monster walk. 
He has started walking and puts his hands straight in the air and makes a growling noise.

He climbs everything.

Loves family story time at night.

Give great hugs now.

He's a super crazy sleeper!  Always has a foot through the rail of his crib.

Doesn't like having his sippy cup on his high chair tray while eating.

He's figured out what remotes and phones do.

Loves to maul Rusty.

Laughs at himself randomly.

He like to pull all my magazines off the end table.

He loves to play in the cupboards.

He loves being in his new big boy car seat (forward facing)

He tries oh so hard to stand up in the middle of the room, but can't quite do it.

He does "squats" quite well!

He likes to dance to music.

He love Mommy's belly button.

He thinks it's hilarious when Daddy hits himself in the head with a cane.

He loves to knock over block towers.

He loves his shape ball.

He'll give you something he has if you ask.

He tried to share.

He doesn't like olives or cottage cheese.

He thinks the toilet is a wonderful toy.

He squeals/screams all the time.

He thinks the mouse is wonderful, even though he doesn't really understand what it does.

He thinks trucks and cars are great.

He's started figuring out how to build blocks.

He's started learning how to put shapes through their respective holes.

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