Monday, September 20, 2010


I've been working with Croix to teach him a few words in sign language.  Wait a few is one too many.  A couple!  He's picked on really well!  Fast too!  He now knows done and more.  I decided I was tired of him throwing half his avocado on the floor for Rusty to eat.  I didn't spend $1 on an avocado for the dog!  So I taught him done.  That way I would know if he was done eating or just playing.  Let's face it how else was he going to tell me he was done other then throwing food over the edge of his tray?  Well now he has a way.  It's great.  I can also ask him "Are you done or do you want more?"  when he cleans off his tray.  I'm trying to add some new signs in, broaden his vocabulary.  So excited to be able to better communicate with my child!!!

I found a great sign language resource here.


Shawn Brown said...

That is really something quite amazing that I would never have though of. :)

Shanda said...

I have signed with my kids an loved it! I really like "Signing Time" I think you could check the movies out from the library and see if you like them. Talia had over 100 word vocabulary with sign and a mixture of verbal at a year old. It really takes a lot of frustration out of the toddler years! They also have a "Baby Signing Time" movie that is really good. It has all the basics you would want to introduce to your baby.