Thursday, April 5, 2012


Croix has a couple special backpacks.  One is for church.  I decided we don't really need a diaper bag, so he graduated to a backpack (just in time for another baby!).  He also has his doggie backpack.  It's one of those leash things for little kids.  I guess their also called a safety harness, or kid keeper.  I'm not going to lie, it's great!  I recently went to this big birthday celebration for a boutique I love, scored some awesome deals, $5 tops $1 jewelry!  I digress.  While there I had a few people comment on what a great idea those are, how handy, etc.  One woman said "I have to ask you how many comments you get on that?"  I answered hesitantly wondering what her comment might be.  "Not too many and all of them have been good"  She told me GOOD!  When my twins were little I used those and would get awful looks and comments about putting my kids on a leash.  Poor lady.

In all honestly there's never been a moment of hesitation of weather to use it or not.  I don't use it often.  Only in situations where there are large crowds.  Or if I'm out with out Brent.  I'm pregnant and running after a two year old is not something I love doing, or can even do well any more.  Croix still dashes away.  It takes him a fraction of a second to disappear.  Really it's for his safety more then my convenience of not chasing him.

I had it on him for Laides Night at Deseret Book.  I asked my friend to keep an eye on him while I checked out.  A few minutes later she comes up to me and says, where is you son???  We went and found him, took a few minutes, long enough for me to start to worry a little.  When we finally found him, she took the leash and said, "I get it!  I'll hold onto this."  She had said earlier in the night that she wouldn't put one on her kids.  On the drive home, she said her kids would never run off like that.  Yep, my friends there's the difference!


The Kleyn Family said...

Now that's some honesty, I like. I don't have a leashy backpack thingy, BUT my kids don't run off. Or I would. I scared them from infancy that if they run away, a stranger will snatch 'em, so they stay close (sometimes too close). I think you're a genius for using it, save you're energy. :)

Collier Family said...

Great pics! You're so cute prego! Congrats!