Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus.....But Jesus Didn't Have Pregnancy Hormones

So I'm pretty sure everyone knows how horribly loud our neighbors are, because I complain about it way too often.  We decided we were fed up.  It is not reasonable to have your house shaking all day long, or be woken up or unable to fall asleep because of your neighbor’s bass.  Our plan of action, call the cops.  That didn't work, they were still loud.  So we contacted the HOA and explained the situation.  She says, there's nothing we can do other then send out letters.  To which I replied, well it doesn't make sense to me, if their volume is breaking the CC&Rs why can't they be fined.  OH we'll we can fine them!  Hi lady that's more then sending a letter!  She said she would skip the courtesy letter and just go straight to the intent to fine letter.  (Keep in mind, we have already contacted our neighbors themselves, and the owners of the home.)

About the time we would expect them to have gotten the letter, it looks as though someone threw some sort of drink on our garage.  They are outside their garage drinking and smoking often.  Coincidence, perhaps.

Then A couple of days ago there was an angry knock on my door.  I knew it was an angry knock just by hearing it, short, loud, sharp.  I checked the peep hole, it was my neighbor.  I choose to ignore it because I did not want a confrontation.  Then Brent came home, more angry knocking. I asked Brent if he really wanted to answer since it was just our angry neighbor.  He decided to answer and I went to the kitchen to start on dinner, again not wanting a confrontation.  Then I hear her say that we are rude.  Crazy pregnant hormones kick in and I think she did not just say that!  I huff over to the door and plant myself right in the middle of the conversation!

She proceeds to tell us how we are rude for calling the cops, and pounding on the wall (We have only done that twice.  Once was when I had been sick, not slept well, all I wanted in the world was a nap.  I hadn’t been able to fall asleep easily the night before, you guessed because of their music.  They had the music going again and I couldn’t sleep.  I turned on the super loud box fan.  Still couldn’t sleep through the music.  Put in ear plugs, STILL couldn’t sleep because of the music.  So yeah, you bet ya I pounded on the wall.  Because again I was crazy pregnant raging and didn’t want to go scream at them and perhaps kick someone in the groin, like I really wanted to).  We were so rude because we didn’t just come knock on their door and ask them to turn it down.  Seriously I was ready to scream, and maybe even punch her in the face.  I really honestly was so glad Brent was there.  Not that I really would have punched her with my fist, but I can give a good verbal lashing when the situation is ripe, and oh was it ripe.  Instead I told her it’s not our job to babysit their volume.  Left out the swear words I was thinking.  She also said they’ve tried to be good neighbors, they’ve not complained when they found chalk in their back yard.  Oh goodness, more urges to punch that face that kept saying the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.  Did she really just say that?  Is she trying to say we're bad neighbors, ummm equal to them, because a stick of chalk ended up in their back yard?   Again, glad Brent was there. 

She did end up saying that they turned the woofer off.  Also gave us her cell so we can simply text them if they are too loud.  (Still not my job to babysit them).  The best news of all they are moving in 2 months!!!  So I’m just going to put this out there now, in hopes that we will end up with better neighbors next time….does ANYONE, know ANYONE who would be interested in renting our neighbors house?

In reflection, not so Christ like feelings to be having.  Wanting to punch someone in the face and scream profanities at them is most likely not what Jesus would do.  But dang it’s hard to keep a level head in that situation period, add crazy pregnant hormones and forget about.  Past angry, straight to livid, no logic beyond this crazy woman is spouting the stupidest stuff out of her mouth right now and she’s just asking for it!  Sigh.  Might need to work on that.

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The Kleyn Family said...

I think we're all trying to be like Jesus, some better than others. But I also think she's an idiot. Happy that Brent was there so you didn't have to use any ninja skills. And let those hormones rage, sometimes people just need a good talking to...nothing wrong with that.