Monday, April 2, 2012

Post A Day

A friend did a challenge to do a post a day.  I decided I'm in.  I've been thinking lately I need to do better at recording Croix daily cuteness...think I even blogged about it.  I'm going to try and either write a post, or  post a picture everyday.  So this should help me to at least get in the habit of better documenting. 

On Mondays we do a little Mom and Tot dance class.  It's simple and fun.  Croix is not the greatest at doing everything.  I have to help him do a lot of the things (not because he's unable rather he just won't do it).  It's frustrating.  Sometimes I wonder why we even do it.  Bu then he talks about dance class, tells Brent all about it.  He asks if we're going to dance class through out the week.  So obviously he enjoys it, even if he doesn't participate well.  So we continue going. 

Today he was not doing anything....ANYTHING!!!  He wouldn't get off my lap, and he wouldn't pull his fingers out of his mouth.  I just kept getting more and more frustrated.  Finally as we were trotting around in a circle and he starts dangling from the arm that I'm dragging him around by, my back starts hurting from carrying my toddler and baby in utero, I decided I was done.  I had already told him if he couldn't behave, participate and do what Mrs Kimber asked we would leave.  So we left.  I was fuming.  It took us longer to drive there and back then we had spent there.  When we got home I made Croix sit on the couch.  Told him we should still be at dance class so until we would normally be home, you can sit on the couch and think about how we could having fun at dance class.  Might have been slightly over his 2yr old comprehension but it made me feel a little better. 

When he finally got off the couch I went to make lunch.  I came to check on him and he's chewing on , and destroying the cards from his memory game he loves.  More fuming.  I promptly took away the game and told him he can't have it back because he just ruins it!  I found myself taking lots of deep breaths as he's also crying about everything. 

Ok so neither of those things are funny.  But that was our morning.

After nap time He woke up and first thing he did was give baby Maizy (aka my growing belly) a kiss.  Then after potty time we snuggled in bed just a minute .  While we were laying there he put his hand in my armpit and says "wet!".  I tried to explain yes, it's sweat.  When you are older and get hot your body sweats.  It's a little like water, to help keep you cool.  He then proceeds to touch my sweaty armpit and then says "water, numm numm numm" and put his fingers in his mouth!!!   SICK!!  I gagged a little.  Our afternoon was much better.  He was in a much better mood.  Thank goodness.


The Kleyn Family said...

So extremely happy you're up for the challenge! And so happy I'm not the only mom who's consequences don't always fit the crime! Love it! :)

Heather said...

As my kids would say: "Ew! Gross!" Haha. Kids do the weirdest things.

I hear ya on the stubborn 2 year old front. I often get so frustrated that I put so much time and effort into doing fun things for them or taking them to fun places and they act like little turds. But realistically I also know that they have no idea what is involved and they are just acting their age. But frustrating nonetheless. :)

good luck with blogging! I need to get back into my groove again but with moving and overall exhasution it keeps getting pushed back.

Kendra said...

Good for you for walking out. Hopefully he'll do better next time. Some days are hard but luckily they're cute and easily forgivable (and forgiving no matter how frustrated we get). :)