Monday, April 30, 2012

He Sleeps!

So I may have been over reacting a bit with my last post.  Although it was what I was honestly feeling.  It was only the second day of trying to transition him back into the toddler bed.  So far he has done well.  He is taking naps again (he didn't for a couple days).  He does a pretty good job of staying in his bed at naptime.  Bedtime is going great.  We got a clock for his room, covered up the minutes (after he ran in at 6:17 thinking it was 7:00 because there was a seven on the clock) and told him he needs to sleep until 7:00.  It took a few days of going in and pointing out the clock and reminding him he needs to check it.  But now if he wakes before 7:00 he just stays quietly in his room until 7:00 when he will knock on his door.  When we go open his door to get him he very excitedly runs over to his clock, points to it and says "it's Seven O'clock!!!"  He's then so proud of himself.  We're still in transition phase, in fact as I'm writing this he's NOT going to sleep for naptime, but is thumping around.  But he's improving, and learning and this is going to work!  We are all going to be ok and get the rest we need.  Although I know it won't be easy we will be ok when Maizy comes!

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