Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy to Be Sick

Yesterday I was miserable!  Absolutely miserable!  I woke up at 1 in the morning because my hips hurt and was awake off and on the rest of the night.  I woke up with a horrible sore throat (maybe allergies?) and a headache.  I also had a client at 7 in the morning.  Why do I do such things to myself?  I got done with my massage only to be informed by my babysitter that Croix had thrown up sometime in the night.  I cleaned up the vomit bedding. And caught more vomit coming out of my poor little guy.  We snuggled and took it easy.  As the day wore on my back got more and more achy and my hips, oh my hips how they hurt!  I thought if I'm going to be this miserable the rest of my pregnancy I'm in trouble.  By the end of the evening I was pretty much done.  I took my temp and had a low fever.  I thought thank goodness!  I was so happy to think that I was just sick!  If I was actually sick, and not just pregnant miserable then I could handle that!  Today I've felt better, not good but better.  Croix woke up covered in vomit again.  So we had another sick day full of PBS and Cars 2.  Tomorrow we WILL be all better because Brent and I have a big date!  Croix has his first sleep over at Grandma's house.  So tomorrow we will be all better!

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The Kleyn Family said...

It should be a law in the universe. Mothers may not be sick. It's horrendous!